The oil and gas industry cannot function without collaboration. License2Share is created to ensure collaboration and information sharing for license operators and partners.

The oil and gas industry cannot function without collaboration. Oil and gas companies have always employed license strategies to protect and grow their businesses. But more recently, the industry has been discovering they can benefit from sharing information about the value chain and lifecycle of assets that they wouldn’t have shared in the past.

However, operators are rightly cautious and realize the need to protect sensitive information that provides competitive advantage.

The oil and gas industry demands high integrity, high security systems that allow the sharing of information only on a need-to-know basis.

To meet this demand, a cloud service called License2Share (L2S) was created, which allows users to access solutions that are tailored to their specific information sharing needs. L2S is designed to enable collaboration and content sharing in a joint venture between operators, partners and optional regulators and other stakeholders.

L2S uses role-based dashboards to allow joint venture administrators to maintain licenses and workflows to operate and ensure compliance throughout the lifecycle of a joint venture. Information will be shared securely on a need-to-know basis between operators, partners and authorities.

Shared content is organized uniquely in a secure and single source of truth to make reporting easier with operators, partners and authorities.

Using L2S, operators and partners for a joint venture can always trust that they have access to the latest and correct version of the JV information.


L2S as a collaboration tool

License2Share is like electricity. Once using it you cannot go without it anymore

Why use L2S

License2Share transfers chaos into order during the full life cycle of an Oil & Gas license