There are many advantages of using L2S. One of them is the possibility to save costs on an operational level.

Without a proper collaboration tool several challenges might exist:

  • Each company have their own system for storing information
  • Sharing is done via email
  • Arranging meetings between operators can be a tedious exercise
  • Version control can be a challenge

This raises doubt to stakeholders:

  • Where is the correct version of a document?
  • Who has received the information?
  • Are we sure that every stakeholder has all information and is it the correct information?
  • What about minutes of meetings and voting's - is this handled in a proper manner?
  • Can we trust the content?
  • Are we sure that information is not shared with anyone who should not see it might misuse it?

L2S transfers chaos into order:

Going from chaos to order introduces some positive financial consequences:

Increased Productivity

  1. Data management  and records keeping
  2. One secure of truth
  3. Improved governance
  4. High availability

Managing Partners : Building trust

  1. Transparency and audits
  2. Life cycle engagement of exploration, production until decommisioning
  3. Low cost pricing model
  4. Increase productivity
  5. Managed security

Reduction of IT costs

  1. Reduction systems and interfaces
  2. Benefit from innovations
  3. Reduction of number of interfaces stakeholders have to relate to
  4. Focus on strategy and tactics instead of handling challenges that are related to lack of information control


L2S as a collaboration tool

License2Share is like electricity. Once using it you cannot go without it anymore

Why use L2S

License2Share transfers chaos into order during the full life cycle of an Oil & Gas license