Being a global end-to-end IT and business process services leader, CGI is represented throughout the world with more than 72.000 employees. This makes the company the 5th largest independent BPS firm in the world.

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CGI operates in a wide range of sectors:

  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Health
  • Telecom & Utilities
  • Manufacturing / Retail  & Distribution
  • Oil & Gas

CGI’s services cover high-end business and IT consulting, system integrations and IT and business process outsourcing. Main focuses areas are development of own IP- and cloud solutions to more than 10.000 customers throughout the world. More than 100 business critical solutions are part of the company’s portfolio.

One of the IP's (owned by EPIM) is L2S. Based on requirements from EPIM's members, CGI executed a project resulting in L2S. CGI was responsible for project management, development, helpdesk services, hosting and training to end users of the software.

Being a global company, CGI is in a good position to support L2S in all parts of the world.

Focus on client satisfaction is very important to CGI in order to maintain a long lasting and sustainable relationship with the clients. The goal is to help the clients to succeed in their business.

L2S as a collaboration tool

License2Share is like electricity. Once using it you cannot go without it anymore

Why use L2S

License2Share transfers chaos into order during the full life cycle of an Oil & Gas license