Frequently asked questions

Is there something that you wonder about when it comes to L2S? Here we provide the answers to the most relevant frequently asked questions about the software

  • How will L2S help build trust?

    First of all, L2S gives access to the same documentation to all participants in a license (operators and partners). This means that all parties have access to the same information. Secondly, all information is stored in one central repository: L2S. As such, one can always trust that everybody has access to the latest version of a document at any given time. L2S offers one source of truth, thus building trust between all stake holders.

  • Can I expect a Service Level Agreement?

    Yes, you can. The Service Lever Agreement (SLA) regulates the most important issues between you as a customer and us as a vendor. Some issues from the SLA are: Uptime expectations, response time on service desk issues, resolution time on issues, access and availability of service desk personell, disaster recovery management and deadlines etc.

  • How will L2S impact my IT costs?

    Typical cost elements would be internal software development/maintenance, hardware, hosting, costs related to unwanted incidents due to lack of control on documentation, administrative costs related to maintaining documentation, arranging stakeholder meetings, voting etc. L2S addresses all this by introducing a cloud based solution where you will get access to new functionality and innovations sponsored by the yearly fee. L2S also prevents costs related to unwanted incidents and bad document management.

  • How can we trust that our data is kept in a safe manner?

    First of all, L2S servers are stored in separate data halls with high security (physical access, power supply, fire systems etc.). Secondly, for a user to access documents in L2S, one has to go through a 2 step login process, made to prevent unauthorized access and even hacking attempts. Once into L2S, user only has access to the information that has been granted from the company/license administrator. Thirdly, all data is backed up accordingly to our backup regime and data is kept for a minimum of 10 years.

  • I am a license operator; can I share documents with other partners in the license?

    Yes, you can. This was indeed the intention behind L2S in the first place. A license “workspace” is created in L2S. All documents relevant to the license are uploaded into L2S. Using the systems strict access rights regime, access is given to personell from the license operator and all partner companies. License administrators are responsible for setting access rights.Yes, you can.

  • Is end user training required to be able to use L2S?

    L2S was designed to be as user friendly as possible. There is currently more than 7.500 users and only a minimum have received any kind of training. We do, however, recommend, training for key users to make sure L2S is used in the best manner according to the defined work processes within a license.

  • How easy is it to find documents in L2S?

    Each document has a set of metadata attached to it. Some examples are License ID, dates (version, created, modified, approved etc.), document type (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.), document status and many more. Most attributes can be used as parameters when searching for a document. In addition, full content search is supported. This means that it is possible to search for a word or phrase within documents of different formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.). As such, finding documents in L2S is easy. Indeed, with many thousand documents in a license, the possibility to search for (and find) correct documents is THE key factor of success when using L2S.

  • Is it possible to integrate L2S with 3rd party software?

    Yes, it is possible to integrate L2S with 3rd party software. L2S has a standard interface (API) which makes it possible to both import data to L2S and to export data from L2S. A typical import scenario would be automated import of production report, HSEQ data etc. from 3rd party systems on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. A typical export scenario would be to make license and user information accessible via 3rd party systems (e.g. SharePoint).

  • Is it possible to migrate documents from existing solutions to L2S?

    Yes, it is possible to migrate documents and files from existing solutions to L2S. You might have the documents in SharePoint, on a network disk, on an FTP server or in another tailor made software solution. L2S has a standard interface (API) for importing data from 3rd party systems and this is used in all migrations. In the past, a total of more than 600.000 documents have been migrated to L2S.

  • What is the maximum number of documents that can be stored in L2S?

    There is no limitation to the number of documents that can be stored in L2S. The basis software was created with very big data sizes in mind, supporting multi millions number of documents. Storage capacity is monitored and increased whenever needed. The largest license has more than 200.000 documents in its library.

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