Information security

L2S is basically an open solution where anyone with read access to a Joint Venture can obtain information from that specific Joint Venture. However, there may be cases where access to individual objects must be restricted. By default, all new joint ventures are configured with limited access to certain folders (e.g. Procurement and Operator only).

The solution uses permissions to determine which information and features the user is allowed to see and manipulate. This also includes limitation of what activities a user can do on a content item (open, move, etc). User access right is granted through user groups and not directly to individual users.

Access level is inherited. All members of a user group of an item's ACL will be inherited to items of the lower levels.  A new folder will automatically inherit the security settings/access rights from the parent folder. The Joint Venture coordinator and the owner of an object may change the access rights.

The system supports full decentralization of the user administration by designated super users within each company involved.

Administration and access control may be done by operator only or by operator, partners and authorities in co-operation.

Data security

L2S is hosted in a cloud solution. The technical infrastructure is set up in the best possible manner to ensure that information is not made available to unauthorized personell (hackers, spies etc.).

The main element is a secure internet login regime that ensures a proper authentication of individuals before they are allowed to access the systems data.

L2S as a collaboration tool

License2Share is like electricity. Once using it you cannot go without it anymore

Why use L2S

License2Share transfers chaos into order during the full life cycle of an Oil & Gas license