Although L2S was built with simplicity in mind, experience shows that in order for end users to get the most out of the system, end user training is recommended.

As such, providing L2S courses is an important part of our customer service. The courses are constructed to satisfy the various types of users, from people who are brand new to the system to system administrators.

Two main types of training exist:

  • Joint session courses according to yearly training calendar. Here participants from multiple companies attend and this is a very good occasion to discuss issues at your heart with other users and the skilled instructor.
  • Customer specific training courses, aiming to cover training needs specific to a customer. Such courses can either be held in the customer’s offices or at a local CGI office in your region and this kind of training is good for introducing a group of employees to the wonderful world of L2S.

Available courses:

  • Introduction to L2S
  • Key user training
  • L2S search course

L2S as a collaboration tool

License2Share is like electricity. Once using it you cannot go without it anymore

Why use L2S

License2Share transfers chaos into order during the full life cycle of an Oil & Gas license